Principal: Michael James, (303) 982-6056

Mission: Jefferson High School is a community of lifelong learners where determination drives our achievement. We consistently support each other's success by forming positive relationships, personalizing rigorous instruction, and creating a safe and positive environment. Our students graduate prepared to contribute to their global community.
Our History: In the summer of 1955, the Edgewater Mustangs and the Mountain Wildcats, rivals for many years, combined their student bodies to form the newest high school in Jefferson County. The new school's name, mascot, colors and song were voted on by both student bodies. In that year, Saint Jeff became the mascot of Jefferson High School. The image of St. Jeff, symbolizing the honorable qualities of a fighting spirit, was created by Bob Harvey, an Edgewater High Senior. Today, that spirit of coming together continues as JHS honors all who come together for our school, our community, and our world. We are one!

JHS Schedule of Events