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General SWAP mailbox : 

Program Coordinator 
Christina Ruffatti
Option / Charter
Arvada HS
Arvada West HS
Standley Lake HS
Employment Specialist
Jake Foster
Lakewood HS
Green Mountain HS
Alameda HS
Employment Specialist
Michele kopchik
Bear Creek HS
Golden HS
Evergreen HS
Employment Specialist
Joanie Quador
Chatfield HS
Columbine HS
Dakota Ridge HS
Green Mountain HS
Employment Specialist
Chad Meyers
Pomona HS
Ralston Valley HS
Wheat Ridge HS
Jefferson HS
 DVR Division of Vocational Rehabilitation
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                        What is SWAP?
SWAP is a collaborative effort between JEFFCO Public Schools and the Colorado Division of Vocational Rehabilitation.  We assist young adults with mild to moderate needs in finding a competitive employment opportunity in their community. Our mission is to help youth in the transition from school to work by becoming successfully employed. Through matching employers' needs with our clients interests and capabilities.

We Hope to: Expand employment opportunities for young adults Engage local businesses in a community partnership that supports local youth in successful school-to-work transition Encourage students to maintain 

   What does SWAP offer to 
   young adults?
  • Career Development 
  • Interview practice and job seeking skills
  • Resume and cover letter assistance
  • Assessment of vocational skills and interests
  • Job development, placement and short term job coaching 
  • Case management
  • Job retention skills and on going support
  • Social skills regarding work, home and community
What can SWAP provide my business and community?
  • A pool of job-ready candidates
  • A Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) for each SWAP participant
  • Monitoring  of Participants performance by SWAP professional staff
  • Job coaching, as needed
  • Opportunity to partner with the local community and schools
  • Provide on-site, follow-up support

Who is an appropriate Participant for SWAP?

        SWAP youth: 
  • Are Between the ages of 15 - 24
  • Have a mild to moderate barrier to employment
  • Are graduating, Have graduated, Have dropped out, or are at risk of dropping out
  • Have some degree of difficulty finding meaningful employment
  • Display a strong desire and motivation to work in their community
  • Are unemployed or underemployed

 SWAP values the involvement of the community. Here's how your business can participate.
  • Consider SWAP job seekers for positions in your company
  • Provide speakers for classroom experiences
  • Provide on the job training, job tours, job shadows, work experiences
  • Offer input into the kinds of skills job seekers need to be successful in the workplace
  • Provide opportunities for participants to learn about your business