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There are many different reports contained in SOARS.  Most of the assessment reporting is found under the menu items, Student reports and School reports.  The information below only refers to accessing data in SOARS.  For more detailed Assessment information, visit the assessment home page.

Student Reports

These reports are based on the students enrolled at the time period, school and/or class selected on the filters.

Student Assessment Profile

Displays an overall history of individual student assessment scores, attendance rate, enrollment history, GPA, and instructional groups.  Report can be filtered by student or school below are annotated screenshots of both.

Individual Student Report

This report allows a user to select up to 4 assessments to view for a group of students.  It can be filtered by either school or student.  Below are annotated screenshots of each option.

School Reports

School level summaries or a list of students at the school, often based on the students enrolled at the time the assessment was given rather than the students currently enrolled in the school.

State Assessments  



Coming Soon!

District Assessments


School Performance


This section displays the SPF for each school in the district.  Preliminary 1 and multi year are received in August, with data from the previous year.  For example, the 2018-2019 school year SPF will contain data from the 2017-2018 school year.  The final will be available in December.  The Final will be either the 1 or multi year, depending on which is better.

Student Need

Student Need

This Section Contains Information about individual student needs, as well as, reports for specific needs.  It is also where some assessment scores can be entered.

Classroom Student Need Notes

Student Needs by school or Class

Student Needs Reporting

These reports are are based on the students currently enrolled in your building.

Online State Collections

Online State Collections

This menu item contains the sections for the online state collections. For example, Guardian Refusal Forms and Student Accommodations are under this menu item.

Educator Effectiveness

Educator Effectiveness

This section contains Educator Effectiveness data. Educators can create goals and submit points. Approvers can run reports, approve goals, and submitted points.