Kindergarten - Third


Here are files that you can use to teach Internet safety and cyberbullying prevention to your students.
Don't know where to begin? Start here! Here's a quick intro to get the topic of cyberbullying awareness in the classroom.
Click here for a checklist and a follow-up for Internet safey! Here are some great rules and standards to go by when concerned with internet safety.
Garfield Online Safety and Cyberbullying Teacher Materials (accompanies materials found in Student Resources)
Here's a 20-slide presentation (in PPT - "file/download" to show) created by a Jeffco Teacher-Librarian on the many types of bullying including cyberbullying.
Here is a 12-slide presentation created by a Jeffco Teacher-Librarian to teach Internet safety.
Here are some primary videos to help define cyberbullying.
Internet Safety Video - FauxPaw the Techno Cat
This short cartoon video explains that you shouldn't meet, in person, people you have met online.
Here's a scope and sequence for teaching a great Cyber Curriculum!
For K-12 lessons that align to this curriculum, click the links below: