Seventh - Eighth

Teachers:  Here are lessons you can use to help teach internet safety to your students.

Cyberbullying Game Fun interactive game to play with students.

Personal and Private Information Students learn they can converse and share ideas and opinions with others in cyberspace. They adopt a critical thinking process that empowers them to protect themselves and their families as they visit sites requesting private identity information.

Privacy - What's the Big Deal Students explore the concept of privacy in their everyday lives and as it relates to visiting Web sites.

Savvy Online Talk and Messaging Students explore the benefits of online talk and messaging and consider scenarios in which they might feel uncomfortable or be asked to give away private identity information. They identify situations in which flirting and sexual talk is risky and discuss safety rules to apply online.

Smart, Safe, and Secure Students consider some security challenges related to e-mail, instant messaging, and free downloads—spam, malware attachments, electronic chain letters, and phishing—discussing ways of handling them safely and responsibly. Then they create cartoons and comics to educate others about cyber security.

6 Q’s About the News: Generation Text Goes Cold Turkey
Read and respond to an article about middle schoolers who took a holiday from texting and using social media.
Have table discussions of the following questions:
Here's a scope and sequence for teaching a great Cyber Curriculum!
 Click on this great resource for k-12 lessons covering the following units: