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It’s really easy to be someone you’re not on the internet. 

After all, who’s going to know if you add a couple inches to your height, or add a couple zeros to your net worth?  You can be funnier, cutermore confident, the ideal version of you.  But guess what?  If it’s easy for you to be someone you’re not, it’s easy for someone else too.

Want more information? Learn how to protect yourself and lots of other stuff you probably didn't know about online safety.

Take these Online Quizzes
·         Will You Use the New Myspace?
There are 3 videos here about cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is the use of the Internet to harass or bully others. Watch our new series and discuss with teens what they can do to avoid becoming a victim or victimizing someone else. 
What information you should and should not put online.
What do you do if someone is harassing you online? This piece discusses netiquette and how to handle harassment appropriately.
This game has you help Nettie and Webster to find a boy who may have been put in danger while online. Interact with the site and use the map to navigate around DC looking for clues
Your email is being invaded. Use firewalls and filters to block the bad emails. 
You think you know who is E-mailing, chatting, or IM’ing with you? Take this quiz to see if you really know.
Shrink the Cyberbully
A quick game that helps you learn what is appropriate to text and what is not.
Games for all grade levels.

Other Resources
Comic Graphic Novel about cyberbullying. Learn how to prevent cyberbullying and how much is too much!

YouTube Video