Public Access Catalog (PAC)

Logging into My Account

The My Account feature in LS2 PAC allows you to view what you have checked out, your loan history, and any fines or requests you may have. You can also renew your books there.

To access My Account, go to your library catalog homepage. You can also access My Account through the district catalog.
For example, here is Deer Creek Middle School’s library catalog homepage:

From either of these pages, your own library catalog page or the district page, click on LS2 PAC in the blue bar on the left:

You’ll see the LS2 PAC landing page.  Click on the Log In link in the upper right:
You’ll get a login screen:

Type in your Library ID and PIN as follows:
  • Your library ID is your student or staff ID number (staff IDs should be preceded byan uppercase A).
  • Your PIN is the last 4 digits of your ID number.
Click Log In.

Using My Account

Once you have logged in, a link will appear at the top right of the screen. If you have anything that needs attention (overdues, fines, etc.), you'll see a number in a red circle. Click on the link to access your account.

Click on the down arrow to access the different options for your account.

My account menu.png


You can print any of the information from My Account by clicking the Print icon on the right-side of each page.


Adding book lists to Landing Page

You can add and remove "shelves" to your landing page to tailor it to your library users. You can use either saved searches or saved lists for landing page shelves. Below is an example of multiple landing page shelves.

For instructions on how to configure your landing page, see the Landing Page Configuration section of Library / Config Admin help in TLC's LS2 PAC help. You will need to log into LS2 PAC with an admin-level account. Teacher librarian's have admin-level accounts for their library(ies).

Will dummy book jackets display in the Landing Page?

No. If a title only has a dummy book jacket, it will NOT display in the landing page.

Saving a List

You can save titles to a list to create a bibliography or list of recommended titles. You can also use a list to create a landing page shelf of titles. 

For detailed instructions on how to create a saved list, see Save to a List under How To... in the LS2 PAC Help site.

Printing a saved list

Once logged into LS2 PAC, click on the drop down arrow to the right of your name (top right of page) and choose Saved Lists. Highlight the list you want to print by clicking on it.
  • Click the Print List link at the upper right. A new window opens with your list of items. Your list will print exactly how it is displayed on the screen. Click the Print button.

For MLA formatted printout of titles
  • Click the View Bibliography link. A new window opens with your list converted into a MLA bibliographic format. An example is shown below.
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