• Denver Hub- January 28th,  2013   "ELC at the Hiwan Homestead House"

  • Denver Hub- June 19th, 2012 "Jefferson County Open School community garden enriches learning"
  • Denver Hub- April 18th, 2012 "Jeffco Open School students build community center in remote Nicaragua"


            by: Rick Posner (2009)

  • "How to Grow A Good School"

            by: Chris Mercoliano (2006)

            by: Carole Basile (2004)

            by: Maurice Gibbons (2004)

            by: Tom Gregory (1987)

            by: Brent Howard (1987)

  • "High Schools As Small Communities: The Small School Reconsidered"

            by: Tom Gregory (1987)

  • "Open Living School"

            by: Earle Warner, Aggie Polak, Nancy Heraty, Bette Pyer, Ellie Ward (1975)