Parents: Get Involved at the Open School!

Following are some of the many ways that parents are invited to participate and support the Open School…

Coffee and Conversation: Coffee and conversation takes place on Friday mornings at 9:00 AM in the Open School Commons. Coffee and Conversation is an informal, parent-hosted meeting time for anyone interested in getting to know or wanting to be involved with the JCOS community.  Parents and community members are welcome to drop in and ask questions or find answers about JCOS.

Talk to your student’s Advisor: Teachers/Advisors at the Open School have varying needs for parent volunteering in classrooms, on trips or for special events/activities. To learn how you can specifically serve your student’s class or Advising, please check in with your student’s Advisor/Teacher!

Organized Committees and Groups

JCOS Community Garden: Our garden thrives on the dedication of the staff, students and parents who are members of this group. The garden committee has worked together to write numerous grants, funding the growth of the garden, to support curricular connections for students across our school, to nurture a fledgling garden to cafeteria program, and to fuel the youth farmer’s market that is taking place right now on Fridays in front of our school. It takes lots of people power to make these things happen and the garden committee can use the energy of parents at all levels.  Visit for more information.

Parent TeacherStudent Organization (PTSO): Dues and fundraising events are the PTSO’s sole source of income to support many efforts at the Open School, including support for our archeology book, classroom aides, staff recognition, educational support, and much more. And just as important as money, the organization is dependent on parent volunteers. Individuals are needed to power events, to chair specific activities, and to serve on committees. The PTSO meets on the second Tuesday of each month at 5:00 at the Open School. Visit for more information.

Leadership Council: Leadership Council is made up of parents, students and staff representatives from each level of the school. This group has sponsored forums and offers the opportunity for parents to offer feedback on the school’s Unified Improvement Plan. This year, this group is looking to put together a film series made up of educational films. The group is seeking new membership to help create successful film series events. Leadership Council meets periodically throughout the year. The date of each meeting will be posted in the Weekly Wire.  

Parents for the Arts: Parents for the Arts is a group of parents who understand the value of including the arts in students’ education.  The mission of the group is to provide a place for parents to participate in their students’ art experience. The mission is three fold: to support the program that already exists, to educate parents, staff & the greater community about the arts and opportunities in the arts, and to create Beauty in the JCOS community.