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Don't miss the JCOS production of Pippin!!
Tickets available through Theater Website
  • Opening Night is MARCH 9th 7pm
  • March 10th 7pm
  • March 11th  7pm
  • March 16th 7pm
  • March 17th 7 pm
  • March 18th Closing Night 7pm

Weekly Wire 3-3-17

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Pictures with Santa!

posted Dec 14, 2016, 6:51 AM by Melyssa Dominguez

On December 12, 2016, Santa Claus visited the Open School, heard whispered wishes and posed for heartwarming pictures with kids. Here is a link to the photos that were taken:

Second Semester Secondary Class Schedule

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Secondary students are currently building their second semester schedules and will register for classes at the end of this week. Families can access the schedule by clicking HERE: 

Schools of Opportunity

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Amazon Smile

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Do you like JCOS? Do you shop at Amazon? Now you can do both things at once. When you buy eligible items at is just like the site and uses your same account--Amazon will make a donation to the non-profit of your choice. So bookmark, choose Jefferson County Open School PTSO and start shopping (and smiling, knowing you're helping the school).

Videos About Jeffco Open

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The Open School

Durbin Day - Annual K-12 Day of Service and Thanksgiving

Video About the Open School by a Student, Kyndri Hopkins

A Great Culture for the "New Kid"

Preparing for Life After High School

The Open School in Nicaragua, January 2012

Lives of Passion, School of Hope

If you have photos or videos you would like us to post, please contact Angie, Teacher and Librarian at or Stephanie, Webmaster, at

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