Honors Seminar

Honors Seminar Core Values: 
Leadership: Having integrity, being inclusive and accepting of all, being honest, and being accountable for ourselves and our work.

Perseverance: Having dedication to push forward in our learning and knowledge and setting ambitious personal goals.

Excellence: Doing the best work possible while maintaining a growth mindset that our work can always be better.

Enthusiasm: Having excitement about learning and participating to the best of our abilities.

Imagination: Being willing to think outside of the box, look at multiple perspectives, and be creative.


1. Will my student need to apply to by in Honors?
  • No. Honors will be an invite only program based on a body of evidence that is collected and analyzed by the core teachers after the first 6-weeks of school. 
2. What will the body of evidence include?
  • The body of evidence may include MAP test scores, CMAS/PARCC test scores, daily assignments, in class quizzes and tests, etc.  
3. Will students have Honors Seminar? 
  • The former Honors Seminar time will be handled by core teachers during our WIN rotations on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. 
4. How will my student be graded?
  • Student projects will be formally graded by core content teachers. If students or parents have a question about a grade or an assignment, they should contact that content teacher and CC Ms. Bates if they wish. 
5. How will student learning be assessed?
  • Students will continue to participate in necessary classroom assessments as well as being graded using rubrics developed by teachers and students that are based on the standards necessary to show mastery and competence in a class. 
6. Who do I contact if I have questions or concerns about my student?
  • Your first point of contact is always the core teacher. Additional contacts for the Honors Program are Susan Arntson and/or your student's guidance counselors.