Honors Seminar 2017-2018

Interested in Honors Seminar for the 2017-18 school year?

7th Grade Second Round Applications are Open! We are not accepting second round applications for 8th grade at this time.
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Honors Seminar is a dynamic, interest driven program for 7th and 8th graders in which students are coached to engage in critical thinking skills and real-world problem solving in order to extend their learning.  Currently, students are working in the areas of Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies. Students will be offered opportunities to delve deeper into topics of interest within the realm of the class-wide conceptual unit. Teachers have built choice into unit assignments and projects that help students to understand varying perspectives related to subject matter content. 
  • Students will need to fill out an application. Second round 7th grade  applications are available today, March 14, and will be due no later than March 22. 
  • Honors Seminar acceptance will be based on both MAP and PARCC/CMAS scores. Any student scoring above 225 on the 6th grade Language Arts MAP, above a 230 on 6th grade Math MAP, and who scored Met or Exceeded expectations on Science and/or Social Studies PARCC/CMAS. 
  • There will only be 60 total seats available for 7th grade and 60 total seats for 8th grade. 7th Graders currently enrolled in Honors Seminar do not need to reapply for 8th grade. If there are more applicants than there are available slots for 7th or 8th grade, students will be placed in a lottery for final selection. 
  • Parents will be notified of second round acceptance into the Honors Seminar program via email on March 24 and will receive a hard copy via US mail. 
  • Confirmation of acceptance needs to be returned to the Bell Middle School main office no later than April 5 at 3 pm. The office will not be open March 27-31 due to Spring Break. 
Jennifer Bates


1. When will my student attend seminar?
  • Students will report to seminar meetings 1-2 times per week.
2. How will they know when to attend?
  • Students will need to check the schedule on this page frequently to determine when they will be meeting until we have regular schedules completed. 
3. Where will students report to seminar? 
  • Students will report to Ms. Bates' room, 304. 
4. How will my student be graded?
  • Student projects will be formally graded by core content teachers. Project grades will be entered into content applicable gradebooks. 
5. How will student learning be assessed?
  • Students will continue to participate in necessary classroom assessments as well as being graded using rubrics developed by teachers and students that are based on the standards necessary to show mastery and competence in a class.