Please bring the following everyday....
Your Binder
Personal Reading Material
Supplies ~ paper, pen, pencil
Your Personal Device- CHARGED and ready
Be prepared, open minded and ready to go each day.

You will use Google to submit work for our class.  On ALL assignments there is a submitting protocol.  Learn it quickly, please.  I will dock points if you don't use the proper format.

SP =  last name, assignment name and class period on ASSIGNMENT BAR AND DOCUMENT!!!
You will ALWAYS share work to my email - jquinn@jeffco.k12.co.us  NOT Google address. 
When sharing your work please click the "Can Comment" box before sending the document to me. 

I use Campus for grades not Schoology.

On our website there are copies of notes, rubrics, etc.   If at anytime you lose a copy of notes etc,  you can always access them from our website and print another copy.  That is your responsibility.

Please read our English Expectations - found on website.  You are responsible from here on out for the information included in the document.  Please have your parents/guardians read it as well.  Thanks!

Please get into the habit of checking our website weekly.  I usually update by the end of the day each Monday.  If you are absent -PLEASE CHECK OUR WEBSITE BEFORE YOU RETURN TO SCHOOL SO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU NEED TO DO FOR MAKEUP.  

Please get into the habit of checking the calendar on website page for pertinent due dates. 

I am available every Tuesday after school for Point Recovery or extra help. 

My email address is: jquinn@jeffco.k12.co.us_


 Short Story Noticings (Noticings are done on EVERY story)

 #1 "Charles" by Shirley Jackson  (Noticings complete by the end of class 10-23)

# 2 "The Lottery" by Shirley Jackson (Noticings complete by the start of class 10-29
# 3 "Ransom of Red Chief" by O Henry - no online reading, just hard copy.  (Noticings due at the end of class 11-5)

#4 O Henry "A Retrieved Reformation" (Noticings complete by the start of class 11-12) IF YOU WERE ABSENT 11-12, PLEASE TURN IT IN.

* Genre Project #2 - Thursday - 1-31 by 6AM - submit with a Google Doc. Rubric is located below. 

* Point Recovery is Thursday this week. 

* If you were absent 11-6 you need to sign up for new No Red Ink class - please log in using Google.  Make sure you join the CORRECT class.

2nd hour = goofy blender 65
3rd hour = festive shelf 97
5th hour = lost corn 5
6th hour = clever wind 62