Information for Parents & Guardians

Our Vision: A Chain Reaction

Our Team is dedicated to guiding students to be the leaders of the next generation and productive citizens of the world.  We strive to shape students who are ready to proactively solve the economic, scientific, and cultural problems their generation may face in the future. We want to prepare our students to enter the workforce one day by finding their passion and by being prepared for any career they wish to have - even if that career or job doesn't exist yet.

We want our students to be effective communicators, respectful citizens, and critical thinkers, so they can become informed adults who will seek to pass on the same skills and values to future generations.  

We hope the work our students do at Bell Middle School will set off a chain reaction for the rest of their lives, affecting them, their families, and their communities in a positive way.  We want learning to be an exhilarating experience and for our students to understand that their decisions now will not only affect them this year, but also in high school and for the rest of their lives.

Important Dates

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