IB Chemistry HL Year 1

Welcome to the IB Chemistry HL Year 1 webpage at SLHS! This will be a year packed full of some of the most exciting science content around.  Click on the desired month in the Navigation Bar to the left to view daily lesson plans, and to download assignments and helpful PowerPoints.


1st Semester

    Unit 1: Review of Dimensional Analysis, Memorized Ions, Stoichiometry

    Unit 2: Solution Stoichiometry

    Unit 3: Gases

    Unit 4: Thermochemistry

    Unit 5: Equilibrium


2nd Semester 

    Unit 1: Review of Atomic Structure and Periodicity 

    Unit 2: Bonding

    Unit 3: Liquids and Solids, Intermolecular Forces, Covalent Network Solids

    Unit 4: Properties of Solutions

    Unit 5: Chemical Kinetics

    Unit 6: Internal Assessment Practice and Group IV Project