Mrs. Holli Swanson

Meet Mrs. Swanson
My name is Holli Swanson and I am the physical educator at Peiffer and Hutchinson Elementary. I am starting my 26th year of teaching in Jefferson County. I went to school in Jefferson County and so did my three children! I have a BA in Physical Education and a Masters degree in Education. Along with teaching , I am a Healthy School Coordinator and run extra programs in our school. 

Mrs. Swanson's Email:
Mrs. Swanson's Voicemail:  303-982-8303

Classroom Announcements

Physical Education at Peiffer elementary provides a enjoyable level of participation in physical activity. Students will develop the knowledge , attitudes, motor skills, behavior and confidence needed to adopt and maintain a physically healthy lifestyle. 
                This year we will work on several skill themes including: traveling, chasing and fleeing, jumping and landing,balancing, transferring weight and rolling,kicking and punting, throwing and catching,volleying and dribbling, striking with rackets and paddles, and striking with implements. Along with these themes we will be incorporated sports skills and lead up games.

       Please come to P.E. with appropriate clothes and shoes to participate. I look forward to working with you this year. If you have anyquestions please call.  Mrs. Swanson