Outdoor Lab Information

What is Outdoor Lab?

In a few weeks your child will have the opportunity to attend one of our Outdoor Education Laboratory School-- Windy Peak--for a period of five days.  The school program has been recognized by the United States Department of the Interior as a National Environmental Education Landmark.  This honor was bestowed in 1971 and recognized the Outdoor Lab School as one of the few National Environmental Education Landmarks in the United States.

The week spent at the Outdoor Education Laboratory School can be one of the highlights of your child's educational experience.  It is a learning experience carefully planned by the home school teachers to teach aspects of the sixth grade curriculum that cannot be duplicated in the regular classroom setting.  Conservation, the value of our water, soil and forest resources, and the relationships between plant and animal communities can best be learned in the natural setting.  Mapping skills, creative writing, astronomy, art, music, and lifetime leisure activities will also be a part of the week's activities.  Life in the Laboratory School environment provides opportunities for developing responsibility, character, and healthful living habits.

Costs and Fundraising

$350 is the total fee to cover transportation, all meals, insurance, materials, equipment, and supplies for core classes. The fee must be paid before ???. Payment by check should be made to Powderhorn Elementary School. Fundraiser information will be sent home with your student!

The Adventure is Coming soon.....

Outdoor Lab @ Windy Peak
January 22-26, 2018
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