Nuts & Bolts

 Our Schedule 
8:30-8:55        Soft Start   

8:55-9:40        Period 1- Specials            

9:45-10:45      Math                      
10:45-11:45    Rotation 1

11:45-12:45    Rotation 2 

12:45-1:25      Recess/Lunch
1:30-2:30        Rotation 3

2:30-3:05        Literacy

3:05-3:15        Closure

3:15                Dismissal

Science: Mrs. Holtz
Social Studies: Mr. Rodriguez
Writing: Miss Rutledge & Mrs. Winckler
                        FRIDAY Schedule                      

8:30-8:55        Soft Start  

8:55-9:40        Specials            

9:45-11:15      Math                       
11:15-12:45    Literacy
12:45-1:25      Recess/Lunch
1:30-2:15        Class Meeting

2:15-3:00        ACCESS

3:00-3:15        Clean-up

3:15                Dismissal

              Absent/Make-up Work Policy               

If a student is absent THE STUDENT is responsible for approaching the teacher to obtain and make up any missed assignments and/or tests.  Students have two days for every day they are gone.  Assignments that are not made up within a reasonable amount of time will result in zeros.

Requests for make up work, or homework assignments during an absence, should be directed through a note to the student's teacher or with a call to the school office no later than 10:00 am on the day the assignment is to be received. The student's work will be sent to the office for pick-up by 3:30pm. Make up work and homework assignments cannot be prepared on short notice.