Mr. Rodriguez

Hello Powderhorn Families and Students!
    I am Mr. Rodriguez and I am thoroughly excited to be here at Powderhorn Elementary this year!  
    This is my 3rd year of teaching, and my second year teaching 6th grade (I've also taught 4th grade).  I'm looking forward to teaching 6th Graders all about the Western Hemisphere in Social Studies this year in addition to math and reading!  
Here are some things about me that you may or may not find interesting:
1.  I love to play the guitar and piano.
2.  I like to read.  A lot.
3.  I've been skydiving (It was AWESOME!!!)
4.  I have a cat named Mr. Eko (pronounced like “echo” (Bonus Points if you know which TV Show has a character named Mr. Eko))
5.  I got my first gray hair in the 6th Grade (that’s right, you could be next!)
6th grade is awesome and I am anticipating a fun, safe, productive, and ultimately, successful school year!
Mr. Rodriguez