Honors / Pre-IB Physics / Chemistry

Welcome to the Pre IB Physics/Chemistry webpage at SLHS!  Pre-IB / Honors Physics / Chemistry was designed to introduce our Pre-IB students to the awe-inspiring content of both Physics and Chemistry before focusing studies in upperclassmen courses. This course will cover fundamental concepts of physics first semester while delving deep into chemistry second semester.  This will be a year packed full of some of the most exciting science content around.  Click on the desired month in the Navigation Bar to the left to view daily lesson plans, and to download assignments and helpful PowerPoints.


1st Semester (Physics)     

Unit 1: Data Analysis and Algebraic Isolation

Unit 2: Speed and Vectors (August-September)

Unit 3: Acceleration (September-October)

Unit 4: Force (October)

Unit 5: Motion in 2 Dimensions (November)

Unit 6: Energy (November-December)

Unit 7: Static Electricity (December)


2nd Semester (Chemistry)

Unit 1: Data Analysis, Classification of Matter (January)

Unit 2: History, Atomic Structure (January)

Unit 3: Periodic Table; Trends within the table; History (January-February)

Unit 4: The Mole and Molecular Formulas (February)

Unit 5: Solutions and Colligative Properties (February-March)

Unit 6: Naming and Writing Formulas (March-April)

Unit 7: Chemical Reactions (April)

Unit 8: Stoichiometry (May)