School Without Hate

A collaboration between Day Without Hate and Jeffco's Student Health Advisory Council

Sign up to be a School Without Hate for April!

WOW!  74 Schools have participated in this in the past 3 years!

Steps to participating in the School Without Hate initiative:

3. Let us Know when your school has completed the checklist!  You will receive recognition, and a \sticker to add to your banner. 

4.  Optional: add your work to the Billion Acts of Peace: 

Complete the School Without Hate "PEACE" Checklist:
 Pledge: to be a school without hate by signing a SWOH banner 
 Environment: Take school-wide action that improves school’s culture and climate 
 Action: Wear white on Day Without Hate
 Challenge: Classrooms do a Community Building Activity from the ReciPeace Activity guides (or activities of your choice):
Elementary ReciPeace  Activities
ReciPeace Activities
 Educate about the district Bully Prevention policy
Link to video:  #lifewithouthate

(Full details and ideas on the checklist link to the left)