Bill Gold


Class Content

1. Foundation of a Nation-  Study the documents and times of the founding of our country.

2.Expansion, Reform, and Compromise- Follow the history of the country from the beginning through the expansion and reform ages.  Deeper looks at the concept of Slavery in history.

3. Civil War- Discover the roots of the greatest conflict in American history and follow the lives of the men and women that lived through it.

4. Reconstruction, Industrialization, and Immigration- Understand how a country reacts from great tragedy and tries to rebuild a new civilization.   

"Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed, is more important than any other one thing."  Abraham Lincoln

About Me.
I have been teaching history for 30 years to students and my greatest joy happens when kids connect themselves to events in the past and strive to get a deeper understanding of our past.  Along with teaching history, I have also coached basketball for many years and use those coaching skills with my students.  I want every student to have a passion for learning and have the reading and writing tools to be able to become their greatest selves.