Ms. Becky Shorey

I have been teaching since 2001 and have been at GMHS since 2002. I am married to a professor at The Colorado School of Mines who teaches Earth and Environmental Systems so whenever we go on vacation, we always stop to take pictures and video to bring back to the classroom. We have two girls that don't really enjoy this tradition, however!

For a while, until life started moving at warp speed, I was a volunteer at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science working in the paleontology lab prepping fossils that are brought in. I also occasionally got to go on a dig out in the field. My latest digs have been to Holyoke, Colorado digging up Stegomastodons and I worked in Snowmass on the largest ice age fossil discovery every found at high altitude. 

One thing my students have told me time and time again is how much of a nerd I am and I take pride in that fact. I absolutely love geology as well as environmental science and my passion comes through in my teaching. 

As a Google certified trainer, I have been fortunate enough to have a class set of Chromebooks in my classroom to work on ways to integrate technology into the classroom in order to give students the 21st-century skills they will need in order to be career and college ready. Starting in the 2016/17 school year, I spend the mornings at the new "Instructional Technology Specialist". This has allowed me to share what I have learned with the other teachers within the school and to work collaboratively with them to develop lessons incorporate technology, increase critical thinking and those much-needed tech skills students will need later in life. 

Interesting facts: 
  • Been in over 200 caves
  • Used to race mountain bikes semi-pro
  • Have 2 dogs: Australian Shepherd and Lab/ Red healer mix
  • Have a 3-legged cat
  • Grew up in Pennsylvania
  • Lived in West Virginia and Utah working as a mountain bike tour guide
  • Adopted my daughter from China
  • Can recreate my body in X-rays (see above mention about mountain biking)
  • Passionate about the environment
  • Have been in all but 4 states (AK, ND, LA, HI)
  • Love going to music concerts
  • My fossil discovery in Snowmass is in a book