Ms. Gentry's Website

Welcome to my website.  Here you will find general information about my classes, my expectations, and other forms that may be needed.

  • The Google calendar on this page includes upcoming dates for upcoming tests, quizzes, and long term assignments like projects, etc. 
  • Students are encouraged to follow the daily plan available in class, and use their planners/organizers to record due dates of assignments and upcoming events.  (This document is available in the classroom for student use.)
  • The daily plan may be accessed from this site by choosing the name of the class from the tab in the sidebar to the left.     
  • Information about the clubs and activities I am sponsor may be found by searching "club information."

  • Resources for Students
    • Information about Integrated Chemistry/Physics may be obtained from the "search this site" tool in the upper right hand corner of this screen.
    • Google classroom will have some classwork that we do in class that students may need to access outside of the classroom.(Please be patient with me as I transition to using Google.)
    • Documents that students may find helpful are located in the sidebar to the left.
    • Resources for article summaries and research purposes may be found in the "Earth Science Links" tab in the sidebar to the left.