Scholarship Information

The financial aid/scholarship search process for college can be a very stressful experience. Money issues concerning college can cause conflict between students and parents -- students wanting to go to a more expensive college than the family can afford, students needing to work to help pay for college, etc. Hopefully the information shared here will help take some of the stress out of the process.

Ways to Reduce Tuition

  • Search for merit/talent/service scholarship money from a well-endowed college
  • Apply for private scholarships
  • Apply to colleges' honors programs
  • Fill out the FAFSA and educate yourself on federal grant opportunities
  • Understand college financial aid packages
  • Apply for work-study grants, if able
  • Apply to in-state, public colleges
  • Start at a 2-year college and then transfer to a 4-year college
  • Apply for the Western Undergraduate Exchange
  • Gain resident status in another state and apply to in-state colleges there

Scholarship List

Green Mountain High School receives scholarship information every week from various sources. Applications for the scholarships are available in the Future Center. Please listen to the daily announcements and check the Future Center often for updated information.

Scholarship Search Tips

  • Use the scholarship list on Naviance
  • Sign up for at least two national scholarship search databases (see list below)
  • Find out what scholarships the college(s) you are applying to offers
  • Look in the scholarship filing cabinet in the Future Center
  • Browse through the scholarship books in the Future Center or check some out from your local library
  • Listen to the daily announcements for specific scholarships
  • Ask the following places if they offer scholarships:
    • Your employer
    • Your parent's employer
    • Your parent's union
    • Your parent's organizations
    • Your church/religious organization
  • CREATE A SPREADSHEET of scholarships you are eligible to apply for with deadline dates, amount of award, etc.

Scholarship Scam Warning Signs

  • You have to pay a fee or "taxes"
  • Money-back offers or guarantees
  • Credit card or bank account information required
  • Provides "exclusive" information

Scholarship/Financial Aid Links

There are several websites that have information on specific scholarships or help you search for national scholarships. We recommend that you look at these sites, sign up for a minimum of two search databases, and keep an eye on the GMHS scholarship list (linked above and available in the Future Center), as our list has more local scholarships.