Testing Information

ACT/SAT Testing

Listed below is information on registering for national college entrance examinations. We also have information on test prep resources if you want help in preparing for the tests.

Seniors, you want to take the tests as early as possible during first semester so colleges have plenty of time to get your scores for their admission decisions. You do have the option of paying an extra fee to get your scores processed more quickly.

Juniors, you will take the SAT here at GMHS in April, and you will register for it in one of your classes. There is no fee for this test as it is required by the state of Colorado for all juniors. You may also take the SAT again and/or the ACT during one of their national test dates.

Register online for the national test dates:

When registering for these tests you will need our school CEEB Code which is 060-883.

State SAT Test Date

Test Date

April 9, 2019

Regular Registration Deadline

All juniors take the state SAT and will be signed up by their school

Make up Test

May 2019

FREE SAT Test Prep Resources

ACT/SAT Test Prep Classes

Results Event/Future Night 11/7/2018 6:30-8:00 pm

    • Cram Program FREE to all Juniors 4/4/19 9:25-11:30
    • Families come and get your Future day test results and learn more about what they mean!
    • SAT Express Prep: Mon. 3/8, Wed. 3/20, Tues. 4/2, Wend. 4/3 5:30-8pm
The following schools/businesses offer classes for preparation in taking the ACT and SAT tests. There is a cost involved and Green Mountain High School cannot endorse any particular service. Taking any of these classes does not guarantee that you will get a higher score on the tests.

College Drive www.collegedrive.com 720-496-2244

Kaplan www.kaptest.com 1-800-KAP-TEST / 1-800-527-8378

Prep Associates, Inc. www.prepassociates.com 303-939-9100

Princeton Review www.princetonreview.com 303-939-9100

Mindfish Prep www.mindfish.com 720-204-1041

Club Z tutoring www.clubztutoring.com 303-972-9914

Dome SAT Review www.domesatreview.com

K-12 Learning Solutions www.k-12learningsolutions.com

Catalyst Prep https://catalystprep.com/

Test Requirements by College

ACT plus Writing - colleges that require or recommend it

SAT II Subject Tests - colleges that require or recommend them

ACT writing and SAT essay requirements

Test Optional Schools

FairTest.org - colleges that do not require test scores to be submitted