Mr. Kyle Gillette has been teaching computer science and mathematics for 28 years, the last 16 in Jeffco. He also coaches cross-country and track.

His goal is for students to be able to explore a few areas of computer science. The classes are designed to become more challenging as the student advances through them. In most classes, the learning is differentiated to meet each student's needs.

He attended Austin College '81 - '86 and received a BA in Mathematics and English and an MA in Secondary Education. Then he attended University of Texas at Dallas from 1986 - 1990 to pursue an MS in Computer Science.

Mr. Gillette is a current faculty consultant for the College Board and has been an AP Computer Science exam reader in the past.

 Period RoomClass 
 1 D204 AP CS & Web Design  II
 2 D204 Web Design I
 3 D204 FREE
 4 D202 Intro. Prog. I
 5 D202 FREE
 6 D204 Intro. Prog. I
 7 D202 Web Design I
 8 D204 FREE
 TT D204  Tiger Time