Syllabus for 7/8 Language Arts

Mrs. Freeman 

Burgundy Team 

After reviewing the syllabus and exploring this website, please complete the online form below with your parent(s). It is due on Wednesday, August 22. 

Welcome to 7th and 8th Grade Language Arts! The overall goal of every language arts student is to become someone who makes bigger connections in order to see the importance of reading, writing, and communication.To reach our full potential as learners in the classroom, we need to honor certain rules and expectations in the classroom to create a safe and effective learning environment. Here are some essential questions I have answered for you about the way this classroom functions:


How can I get extra help with my learning?


Teachers are usually available after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays for extra help until 3:25. I  stay after school to help you catch up, clarify content taught in class or practice reading and writing skills. At times, we have meetings or clubs, but we urge students to take advantage of this opportunity of staying after school.


How much homework will we have?


You will have consistent, and with an open mind, enjoyable homework every week. Students are expected to read 2 hours per week outside of the classroom starting in September. Most of the time, these will be designated books we are reading for school, but other times students will be given a chance to choose their books. The two reading hours can be broken down however it works best for you. If you have other homework or if Uncle Charlie comes to visit, skip reading that night, but read extra the rest of the week.


Students will be held responsible for this reading in several ways- traditional tests, summaries while reading that night, projects,  thread paragraphs, ect. Each student will also document pages read each day for self accountability. 


Other homework will include “take home and finish what you didn’t get to in class” assignments, essays, and smaller writing pieces.


What if my homework is turned in late?


Late assignments will receive 70% credit when turned in one day late. Anything later than one day late will receive 50% credit. However, after the unit test or essay, these assignments will no longer be accepted. 

The good news is that students are almost guaranteed success in English class if they turn in all their work on time and pay attention/participate in class!


What is the retake/redo policy?


Any writing piece turned in on time can be redone for up to 100% credit after conferring with the teacher on a Tuesday or Thursday after school to discuss any changes that need to be made. The original writing piece must accompany the redo. It must be completed two weeks before the end of the trimester.   Test retakes can be done after a student comes in on a Tuesday after school to first study for the test. Then they will take the test on Thursday.

 Times will be set by individual teachers.


What are your classroom rules? 

1.       Stay seated unless asking first .

2.       Raise your hand to speak.

3.       Keep your hands to yourself.

4.       Come prepared to class. Please always keep pencils, paper, and highlighters  in you supplies to bring to class. Remember your novel every day- you may have some extra time if you finish your assignment early. 

To view the 7th Grade Novels for this year in order to sign the permission slip, please click the link below:


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