Hello! My name is Mrs. Sullivan and I teach Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS). My goal is to teach students the skills they need for everyday life! It is a fun hands on environment where we apply academic skills. Through this one semester class, each year, we cover topics such as:
  • Nutrition
  • Cooking
  • Relationships
  • Child Development
  • Sewing
  • Communication
  • Money Management
  • Personal Development
Please contact me if you have any questions!

Students who take FACS pay a $20-$25 fee. This helps cover consumable materials (food, fabric, activities where students consume all materials). Many times students are not able to pay their fees or we need materials that are not considered consumable. Here is a small list of items that we currently need, if you can help!
  • spools of thread
  • balloons
  • Kitchen towels (especially if you are just getting new ones, we love the old ones!)
  • paper plates

FACS 1-Food, Nutrition, and Money Management
Do you want to learn how to make great food for any time of the day? In FACS 1 you will learn kitchen basics while we focus on nutrition by cooking breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. Also through the semester you will learn how to manage money to be a smart consumer. As a final project your kitchen group will plan and cook a meal on a budget. Through this hands-on active class we will discuss family communication and make two sewing projects!

FACS 2-Cooking Techniques and Child Development
Do you want to be on your way to becoming the next Top Chef? Or at least get to better your cooking skills while at school? Then FACS 2 is for you! In this class we will learn the different baking and cooking techniques while focusing on food safety. You will also create a sewing project, examine healthy relationships and learn about child development (with the option of taking home an infant simulator). You will leave this class better prepared for life!

FACS 3-Design Seminar
***Must have taken FACS 1 or 2**
In FACS 3, Design Seminar, you get to be the designer and learn the skills used in many different careers. You will be introduced to the elements and principles of design as seen in Interior Design, Fashion Design and Food Design. You will further develop many of the skills you learned in FACS 1 or 2. You will make pajama pants, create a design masterpiece, cake decorate, and further your cooking skills.

The course syllabi are attached at the bottom!



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