Be. More. Awesome. Club.
Changing the world one prank at a time... you're welcome ;)

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What do we do?


We're middle schoolers, shenanigans is what we do. However, these are the kind of shenanigans that make our community and school a better place. 

"Be the change you want to see in the world."

How many times have you seen this quote and how many times have you actually adhered to it? 

Well, this club is pretty much an answer to that calling. Adults be prepared to be schooled in the art of making the world a more awesome place.


Who can join? 

Every student at Falcon Bluffs is invited to join us. Simply log into your student google account and click on this link in order to be an official member. 

Communication in regards to secret meetings will be sent via email. You can select from a number of committees depending on your interests.

BMAC Committees:

Brains- Kids interested in planning events, writing articles, and hosting themed book activities. These students have access to our planning doc and determine what is posted on our website.

Heart- For students interested in surprising people throughout the community and the school with kind deeds.

Crazies- The outgoing DISCIPLINED kids who aren't afraid to make fools of themselves for the sake of making the school a better place. Note: students must have an overall work habits grade of a 3 or higher in order to be invited to participate in pranks. You must also sign up for at least one other committee in addition to this one.

Beasts- Kids interested in health/fitness, cross training for sports, or simply getting fit. Athleticism is not a requirement, but you will most likely find your inner athlete if you join.

Communicators- Kids in charge of filming events for Podcast, managing social media, and spreading the word on what we're up to.


By sponsoring us you are setting an example for the community. You are showing us all what it means to be generous and how one act of kindness can snowball into a movement. You are the best!

Falcon Bluffs PTO

Megan Kline with Resident Realty- Real Estate Professional