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All the staff at Falcon Bluffs Middle School are listed below. If you can't find someone, please call the main office at 303-982-9900 so we can help you. 
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NameE-mail addressVoice Mail NumberPositionWebsite
NameE-mail addressVoice Mail NumberPositionWebsite
Atadero, Allyn 303-982-9895 Physical Education Mr. Atadero's website 
Bagnulo, Chris 303-982-9918 Science 7 Blue Mr. Bagnulo's website 
Berry, Melissa 303-982-3865 Instructional Coach Ms. Berry's website 
Bickford, Shane 303-982-9962 Science 7 Green Mr. Bickford's website 
Brewer, Carolyn 303-982-9898 Science 8th Grade Ms. Brewer's website 
Bruno, Anthony 303-982-3751 Drama Mr. Bruno's website 
Burley, Seth 303-982-9903 Social Studies 7 Blue Mr. Burley's website 
Burns, Thomas 303-982-9911 Principal  
Capener, Natalie 303-982-9945 Spanish Ms. Capener's website 
Chapman, Nina 303-982-3846 Language Arts 8th Grade Ms. Chapman's Website 
Chavez, Maggie   6th Grade Paraprofessional  
Chylla, Sherrill  303-982-3805 Financial Secretary  
Dorval, Beau  303-982-9908 Facilities Manager  
Fiserova, Hana 303-982-9973 Social Studies 7 Green Ms. Fiserova's website 
Fitterer, Nikki 303-982-6222 Math 7 Green Ms. Fitterer's website 
Fletcher, Shamina   8th Grade Paraprofessional  
Fowler, Andrea 303-982-9989  Language Arts 8 Green Ms. Fowler's website 
Freeman, Anna 303-982-1522 Spanish Ms. Freeman's website 
Freza, Sarah 303-982-9915 Math 7 Blue Ms. Freza's website 
Goodwin, Ashley 303-982-1052 Social Worker  
Guerrina, Summer 303-982-2058  Assistant Principal  
Herrera, Nicole 303-982-9906 Social Emotional Learning Specialist Ms. Herrera's website 
Hickman, Lori  303-982-9909 Principal's Secretary  
Horner, Emily 303-982-2833 Student Interventions Ms. Horner's website 
Hostetler, Kevin 303-982-6052 Counselor for 6th and 8th grades Mr. Hostetler 's Website 
Kostecki, Nick 303-982-9893 Science 8th Grade Mr. Kostecki's website 
Kring, Lisa 303-982-9919 Physical Education Ms. Kring's website 
Lattin, Keely  303-982-9986 Clinic Aide  
Leever, Monica 303-982-3631 Intervention/Read 180 Ms. Leever's website 
Leighty, John 303-982-9907 Social Studies 8th Grade Mr. Leighty's Website 
Lodwick, Tina 303-982-6984 Language Arts 7 Green Ms. Lodwick's website 
Loechell, Annie 303-982-9904 Science 6 Green Ms. Loechell's Website 
Longbrake, Rob 303-982-2829 Counselor, 7th grade Mr. Longbrake's website 
Mushet, Russell 303-982-6219 Student Interventions  
Naegele, Joel 303-982-9937 Instrumental Music  
Nederman, Marlene  303-982-9987 Cafeteria Manager  
Novak, Andy 303-982-8456 Social Studies 8th Grade Mr. Novak's website 
Olson, Elicia   Library/ Paraprofessional  
Partridge, Katrina 303-982-9924 Language Arts 7 Blue Ms. Partridge's website 
Petruzzi, Catherine   7th/8th Grade Paraprofessional  
Poort, Marisa 303-982-2795 Art Ms. Poort's website 
Rommel, Tori 303-982-2922 Science 6 Green Ms. Rommel's Website 
Scheid, Kim  303-982-9902 Attendance Secretary  
Sherwood, Carolyn 303-982-9939 Language Arts 6 Green Ms. Sherwood's website 
Singer-Kowalsky, Janine 303-982-8443 Teacher Librarian Library website 
Sund, Christine 303-982-9997 Math 8 Green Ms. Sund's website 
Swanson, Jen 303-982-9926 Math 8 Blue Ms. Swanson's website 
Trujillo, John 303-982-9927 Technology Education Mr. Trujillo's website 
Weibel, Bret 303-982-9978 6 Green Math Mr. Weibel's Website 
Wilensky, Mark 303-982-9692 Social Studies 6 Green Mr. Wilensky's Website 
Showing 50 items