Site Maintenance

General Information

The exterior portions of the campuses within the Jefferson County Public Schools are operated and maintained by the Site Maintenance Department. This includes athletic fields, playgrounds, general landscape, open space, and parking areas. Our staff of experienced professionals support the educational mission of the district through a concerted effort to maintain the beauty and diversity that is considered a part of the Colorado tradition in Jefferson County. 

Services We Provide

Maintenance of the Campus Landscape

Our campus landscape crews are responsible for routine maintenance such as, pruning trees, tree removal, applying mulching, irrigation, soil testing, and herbicide application. 

Maintenance of Athletic Fields

Our sports turf specialists perform routine maintenance such as, mowing, fertilizing, herbicide applications,  irrigation, soil testing, and seeding to establish and maintain safe, high performing fields.  Playgrounds are routinely inspected under the purview of Certified Playground Safety Inspectors on staff to insure that equipment, apparatuses, and fall zones are safe.

Maintenance of Native Area

Through the efforts of our certified herbicide and arborist personnel, native areas of District property receive services such as tree care and treatment of noxious weeds.  We comply with the Colorado Noxious Weed Act as well as regulations regulations established by the Colorado Department of Agriculture for the application of herbicides.  The invasive and destructive species of insect known as the Emerald Ash Bore is now found in Colorado. A response plan is being implemented to include an inventory of District-owned trees and treating or removing ash trees.

Irrigation Installation, Maintenance, and Oversight

Landscape irrigation specialists perform vital tasks such as designing and installing irrigation systems as well as additions to existing systems, scheduling irrigation maintenance, troubleshooting and repairing irrigation systems, overseeing irrigation system plans, and determining the water requirements for specific areas on campus.

Heavy Equipment Services - Roadway and Parking Lots

Heavy equipment crews maintain parking lots repairing pot holes, weather-damaged surfaces, and new hard surfaces for both concrete and asphalt. In addition, seasonal crack-filling prolongs the life of these district assets. Restriping is performed on a seasonal basis enhancing the organization and safety of these areas.

Snow and Ice Removal

During snow and ice events, Site Maintenance personnel are responsible for keeping the campus safe and accessible for students and staff at district facilities. Through the district’s fleet of heavy equipment, we provide timely responses to the variety of Colorado’s winter weather extremes.  


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