Planning & Property

General Information

Planning & Property is responsible for the District's master planning and site/facility capital improvement planning.  In addition, this Department is responsible for:

  • Updating and maintaining the District's standards for the educational specifications and technical guidelines used in the design of Jeffco schools
  • Developing and publishing the yearly Facility Condition Assessment Report
  • Developing and publishing the yearly Enrollment Projections Report
  • Prioritizing capital improvements planned for the District
  • Maintaining the data base that tracks the current condition and replacement costs of all Jeffco facilities
  • Creating and maintaining boundaries and maps for Jeffco schools
  • Utilize regional building and planning data to analyze future development sites
  • Maintaining property records consisting of deeds, easements, agreements, and water rights
  • Maintaining archive data relating to Jeffco construction project
  • Estimation of new school funded work (non capital funded work)

Facility Condition Assessment

The Facility Condition Assessment Summary of Findings report has these objectives:

  • Assess educational adequacy for all instructional spaces district wide.
  • Identify cost to correct building conditional and educational adequacy deficiencies district wide.
  • Provide data necessary to maintain all facilities in a safe and secure manner.
  • Understand future life cycle renewal requirements for the districts existing facility portfolio.


Main Number
Bruce Huxley-Director Planning & Property

Matt Hanks - GIS Specialist

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