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Use the list below to help you find what you are looking for.  Once you find the topic you are interested in, view the department it falls under for future access and click on the link to take you to the desired page.
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ADA Facilities Key Documents 
Address Locator Planning & Property Maps & Boundaries 
Archives Planning & Property Archives 
Asbestos Environmental Services Asbestos 
B -    
Building Use  Building Use 
C -    
Census Data Planning & Property Maps & Boundaries 
Change In Job Status (Custodial) Custodial Services What's New 
Chief Operating Officer  COO 
Clothing Order Form Facilities Clothing Order Form 
Community Garden Planning & Property Key Documents 
Consultant Documents Design & Construction Contractors & Consultants 
Contract Management (CM) Design & Construction Design & Construction 
Contractor Documents Design & Construction Contractors & Consultants 
D -    
Demographics Planning & Property Maps & Boundaries 
Dispatch (Facilities) Facilities Service Desk Facilities Service Desk 
E -   
Easements Planning & Property Property Management 
Education Specifications Planning & Property Ed Specs 
Energy Manament Planning & Property Energy Management 
Enrollment Projection Report Planning & Property Planning & Property 
Equipment Request Form (Custodial) Custodial Services Equipment List 
ESRI Software & Licenses Planning & Property Maps & Boundaries 
Extra Equipment Custodial Services Equipment List 
F -    
Facilities Accessibility Committee  Employee Relations 
FIND Planning & Property FIND Link 
G -    
GIS - Geographic Information Systems Planning & Property Maps & Boundaries 
H -    
Hazardous Material Pickup Form Environmental Services Hazardous Materials 
I -    
Indoor Air Quality Environmental Services Indoor Air Quality 
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K -    
L -    
M -    
MAPPS Reporting Planning & Property Planning & Property 
Maps Planning & Property Maps & Boundaries 
Metasys Building Maintenance Metasys 
N -    
Negotiated Agreements  CSEA, JCAP, JCEA Agreements 
O -    
Organization Charts Facilities Facilities Home Page 
P -    
Preventative Maintenance Schedule Building Maintenance Building Maintenance 
Primavera Contract Management (CM) Design & Construction Design & Construction 
Property Management Planning & Property Property Management 
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S -    
School Locator Planning & Property Maps & Boundaries 
School Locator Help Document Planning & Property Maps & Boundaries 
Service Desk (Facilities) Facilities Service Desk Facilities Service Desk 
Shirt Order Form Facilities Clothing Order Form 
Summary of Findings (Facility Condition Assessment) Planning & Property Planning & Property 
Supervisor Request Form Custodial Services Supervisory Request Form 
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Technical Guidlines Planning & Property Tech Guidelines 
Training Training Training 
Transportation  Transportation 
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V -    
var title = "<a href=\""+files[i].getUrl()+"\">"+ files[i].getName() +"</a>"; Building Maintenance var title = "<a href=\""+files[i].getUrl()+"\">"+ files[i].getName() +"</a>"; 
Volunteer Information Planning & Property Planning & Property 
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Water Quality Environmental Services Water Quality 
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Z -    
Zone 1 (Pomona / S. Lake) Building Maintenance Pomona / Standley Lake (Zone 1) 
Zone 2 (Arvada / Arvada West) Building Maintenance Arvada / Arvada West (Zone 2) 
Zone 3 (Golden / Wheat Ridge) Building Maintenance Golden / Wheat Ridge (Zone 3) 
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