Student & Teacher Resources

Competition Resources

For Younger Students: 

Climate Kids - Learn about climate change and our energy sources.
Colorado Energy Day - Energy Day is a free family festival showcasing exhibits focused on science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). 
Energy Kids - Learn about energy basics and play energy games.
Power Up Coloring and Activity Book - An interactive and fun introduction to energy and conservation for young students.
Xcel Energy School - Provides a presentation on DVD, posters, teacher and student activity guides aligned to national and state learning standards and Take Action Kits filled with energy saving devices.

For Older Students: 
AAAS Green Schools Energy Curriculum -  Targets middle school ideas about energy resources and the responsible use of 7 energy in a context that focuses on reducing the environmental impact of energy use in schools and improving sustainable practices.
Colorado Energy Facts - Learn about energy in Colorado including an interactive map of generation facilities in the state.
US EPA Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator - This calculator can help you understand emissions data in every day terms, such as the annual emissions from cars, households, or power plants.

For Educators: 
Creating a "Culture of Conservation" at Your School - A Green Building Council guide to organizing conservation efforts in schools. A great resource!
National Wildlife Foundation's Eco-Schools USA - Eco-Schools USA is a program that provides a framework to help educators integrate sustainable principles throughout their schools and curriculum.
NEED's Learning & Conserving KitThis kit includes a Teacher Guide, a class set of 30 Student Guides, and the materials necessary to conduct the following student activities: learning to read utility meters and utility bills, comparing EnergyGuide labels, and exploring electric nameplates; conducting comprehensive surveys of the school building and school energy consumption; working in groups to develop comprehensive energy management plans for the school. 
NREL - Educational outreach programs from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory located in Golden, CO
School Energy Team Blueprint - Provides a seven step approach to developing and implementing a school energy    management plan and organizing a school energy club.
US Green Buildings Council Learning Lab - Learning Lab an education platform for K-12 teachers and school leaders to find lessons, activities and resources that encourage student leadership, sustainability literacy and real-world action.

Conservation Curriculum: 
CSU Energy Institute - Offers Clean Energy Curriculum for Colorado middle and high schools and a Colorado Wind for Schools Curriculum.
NEED - Explore a curriculum portfolio of over 130 teacher and student guides designed to teach teachers and 
students about energy.
Project Learning Tree's Green Schools Investigations - PLT offers five hands-on, student-driven investigations. Using critical-thinking and problem-solving skills, students will analyze their school’s energy, water, school site, waste and recycling, and environmental quality.