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Efficiency Goals

            The District has established both energy and water efficiency goals. By becoming more efficient users of energy                 and water, the District will be able to realize annual cost avoidance while reducing environmental impacts.

1.       Energy – Reach an average Energy Star Score of 90 or above by the 2020 school year. When the District has reached this goal, Jeffco will be within the top 10% in energy efficiency nationwide. Energy Star scoring criteria is a rating of a building’s energy efficiency compared to similar building-types across the country and is a scale of 1 to 100. Energy Star scoring incorporates correction factors for varying climate conditions and building function to create a more reasonable comparison.


2.       Water –  Consume less than 11 gallons per square foot per year for irrigation by the 2020 school year (11 gallons per square foot per year is the primary metric for the Best category within the Denver Water Recognition Program). High Schools within the District are the largest water consumers and have a more rigorous goal of reaching the Best category within the Denver Water Recognition Program by the 2017 school year. This requires consuming less than 11 gallons per square foot per year for irrigation, utilizing smart irrigation controls, having a drought plan in place, and fixing leaks in a timely manner. 

Budget Goal

            Reduce the annual utility cost per student to 10% below average by the 2020 school year.

Awareness Goal

Promoting a cultural sense of energy awareness amongst the District’s students is an important opportunity not only for the short-term while they are in K-12, but also because of the long-term impact they can have as responsible consumers within society. Developing this student awareness will be dependent upon having an educated and proactive faculty.

All District employees are expected to encourage a sense of energy awareness among the students in order to facilitate meeting the current District goals, and to promote future energy awareness. Faculty and support staff must remain aware of the energy usage within their school and encourage efficient operations. This leadership-level awareness is critical in order for an energy awareness culture to foster at the school level.