School Data/eGauge Access

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Use the Map below to find utility history for all buildings in Jeffco! eGauge links can also be found in the map.

If you are not seeing a satellite image below, click here to log in to your Jeffco account.  The username is student, the password is energymap1.  After logging in, return to this webpage and hit refresh.  The map should appear below.

Jeffco Utilities Map

Find the link to your school's eGauge below.

Jeffco eGauge Links

Get to Know Your eGauge

eGauge Introduction

An eGauge is an electricity monitoring device that provides real-time reporting of electricity use to an online dashboard easily accessed anywhere, anytime. With the eGauge we are now able to observe, record, and analyze school energy use including total electricity consumption, solar production, and peak loads. 

The eGauge online dashboard comes with some powerful features that help you better understand your school's energy use. With the dashboard you can see at a glance the current energy use of your school, peak load values, startup and shutdown times, extracurricular energy use, solar production, and building overnight base load consumption. The dashboard also allows you to adjust the view of energy use from 10 minutes of history to one day, to one year, and even to the very first minutes of recording. The dashboard also provides helpful summaries for the time-period shown and over the last 30 days of monitoring.

The eGauge also serves as a powerful diagnostic tool for energy management, school facilities managers, building occupants, and consultants. With the dashboard it is possible to track building electrical use and costs, to monitor solar production, to observe changes in programming or behavior, to observe trends, and to identify irregularities in building energy use that may indicate failures in building control systems or equipment. 

Please contact Energy Management with any questions about your school's eGauge or if you notice any unusual activity on your school's eGauge dashboard.