Building Maintenance

General Description

Building maintenance is performed in a decentralized mode, rather than the traditional "shop" concept.  Trade technicians are grouped and assigned a specific articulation area (zone) which allows close relationships between zone members and school staff. 

Activities Implemented

  • Development of a customer service satisfaction feedback card.  A random selection of completed work and service orders are selected by the Facilities Information Center and mailed to the requestor for input as to how work was performed, response time and the effectiveness of communications between the technician performing the work and the requestor or responsible person.
  • Emphasis on preventive, scheduled and predicative maintenance.
  • Upgrade maintenance equipment.
  • Lap-top computers allow zone and building automation HVAC technicians to troubleshoot mechanical problems more efficiently.  The work can also be completed at remote sites rather than necessitating central office appearance during the evenings or on weekends/holidays.
  • Maintenance technicians are assigned in a zone-by-trade concept due to age, condition and size of facilities and types of mechanical equipment, allowing more flexibility for  technicians to respond to school needs.
  • A quick response, automated maintenance management system has been implemented that can produce work orders, as well as preventive maintenance schedules.


Main Number
Mike Babkiewich - Director