The Executive High School Internship program will provide high school seniors who are accepted into the program the opportunity to gain exposure to a career field they hope to pursue after graduation. The interns complete 100 non-paid hours at their internship site, complete weekly summaries and hourly reports, obtain sponsor approval of time sheets every four weeks and complete the final project as assigned by the Program Director. Jefferson County Public Schools insurance covers interns while on site at their internship location. Interns receive one-half academic credit for the internship and one-half credit for the workplace readiness as a letter grade on their transcript.

Student Profile


Represents the high standards of Jefferson County Schools


Demonstrates responsibility and sound character


Maintains a 3.5 GPA or better


Is a senior with a minimum of 17 credits, applies for this program in the Spring of junior year


Plans to pursue a post secondary education
 Comfortable with email communication
Participates in a rigorous application and interview process
Understands and respects deadlines and appropriate communication
Sponsor Benefits

Employ student for 100 hours over the course of a semester (typically 10-12 hours a week).


Mentor student in your line of work.


Allow student the opportunity to view and/or participate in several areas of your business structure.


Motivate student to want to follow his/her career path in your field!


Excite graduating students about your line of work
Opportunity to mentor students in the top 5% of all of Jeffco Schools
Gain a new source of motivated workers
Increase work productivity without increasing costs
Participate in a nationally recognized program supporting school-age students
Help motivate the future workforce
Student is not paid and is insured by Jeffco Public Schools

Student Benefits
Receive mentorship from an industry-based professional.
100 hours experience in a career related industry.


View and/or participate in several areas of the business structure.


Learn industry skills necessary for a career path in an interested field!


Gain practical experience in a chosen profession
Participate in a Nationally recognized professional internship program
Investigate viable career options
Establish a network for employment opportunities
Professional practice of application and interview process
Learn valuable 21st century, hands-on skills in industry