Discover and Develop

The GT Center at Everitt Middle School believes in discovering and developing the special talents of our students, allowing them to access their best futures.


Advanced Learning

Students in the GT center have access to advanced content in the four core areas of Science, Language Arts, Social Studies, and Math.  Using information from high level texts, resources, and technology, students apply learning through problem solving, design, and project creation.  Students follow the Jefferson County Curriculum, and have additional experiences and assignments to make higher level connections and build a deep understanding of the topics.


All students deserve a community of peers. At Everitt Middle School, we provide GT students with a peer group interested in learning and making deep connections.  Students take their core classes with other advanced learners and also get the chance to be a part of the wider school community during Elective classes.  In the GT community we focus on social emotional skills and put a premium on accepting differences and fostering strong communication skills.  


We believe all of our students are individuals who deserve to grow in their own direction.  We meet those needs through passion projects, choice assignments, access to social emotional support, differentiation, and individualized ALPS.  During the program students spend time learning about their own strengths and challenges so that they are ready to become successful high school students.