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Staff Name and Web Site LinkDepartmentVoice MailE-mail
Staff Name and Web Site LinkDepartmentVoice MailE-mail
Askinazy, Danielle ESL Teacher 303-982-8350 
Beck, Dawn 6.2 Social Studies 
Beston, Doug Facilities Manager 303-982-5016 
Bisheh, Mary 7.2 & GT Eastern Hemisphere 
Blazek, Brett 6.1 Social Studies 
Blazek, Tarah 6.2 Math 
Blincoe, Jayme 8th & GT Early U.S. History 
Broberg, Joelle Social/Emotional Student Support Services 303-982-6337 
Brown, Marc 6th Grade 
Brown, Montana Theatre/Choir 
Canonaco, Denise Speech Pathologist 303-982-8868 
Carlin, Mariel PE & Computer Apps 
Creel, Jan 8th & GT Science, 8th Math 
Crownholm, Megan 6.1 Science 
Dawson, Debbie Paraeducator 
de Groen, Colinda 8th Grade Para Support & Study Hall 
Ferry, Heather 8th & GT Language Arts 
Finnegan, Theresa Paraprofessional 
Fischels, Andy 7.2 & GT Language Arts 
Fliss, Julia 6th Language Arts 
Floth, Kevin Instrumental Music 
Frances, Tommie Paraprofessional 
Garrod, Maria Paraprofessional 
Hager, Brendan Technology Education & Pre-Engineering 
Herbers, Lindsay 7th Math 
Hurlburt, Megan 8th Math 
Igoe, Lindsay Language Arts 
Jacques-Bonneau, Paula GT Resource Teacher  303-982-0258 
Knopf, Michael Custodian 
Kuzava, Mike Physical Education 
Lidicker, Dale Intervention Services 
Lincoln, Lizz 8th & GT Science, 8th Social Studies 
Lock, Asta Kitchen Manager 303-982-5017 
Major, Scott Counselor 303-982-5012 
Mayhak, Darlene Enrollment and Attendance Secretary 303-982-4943 
McCormack, Kim Dean 
Meakins, Tyler Custodian 
Miller, Deb 7.2 & GT Science 
Miner, Carol Principal's Secretary 303-982-5014 
Moore, Britta 8th Science 
Newell, Tracey Family & Consumer Science 
Noto, Mary 6.2 & GT Language Arts 
Pappas, Caitlin 7th English Language Arts 
Parfitt, Kim World Languages 
Pauk, Lori Library Paraprofessional 
Pearce, Kat 7th Grade Science 
Perea, Laurie GT Counselor 
Piane, Katie Assistant Principal 
Pippin, Inger Instructional Coach 303-982-1471 
Poort, Marc 7.1 Eastern Hemisphere 
Richards, Debbie Teacher Librarian & Computer Literacy  303-982-5032 
Robb, Christine 8th & GT Language Arts 
Rohrer, Julie 8th Grade English Language Arts 
Rufien, Karen 6th Assisted Reading, Intervention Services 
Ruocco, Lauren Counselor 303-982-5008 
Schechter-Orin, Bonnie School Social Worker 303-982-4992 
Scott, Susan 7th & 8th Assisted Reading & Intervention Services 
Simpson, Ann Art 
Skipper, Brigid Financial Secretary 303-982-5051 
Stitch, David 8th & GT Early U.S. History 
St John, Brenda Receptionist 
Thompson-Beato, Laura 6.2 & GT Science & GT Reading 
Vialpando, Tim Principal 303-982-0662 
Volzke, Ashley 6.1 Math 
Weakley, Cindy Clinic Direct Line 303-982-4920 
Wearner, Deb 8th Language Arts, 8th Math 
Wilson, Rebecca 7th Math 
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