Frequently Asked Questions & Answers 

28)      How do I find information about Classroom Dashboard? Who do I contact for questions?


The EMS office is staffed everyday from 7:30 to 3:30. The school day begins at 7:55 with the first bell and ends at 2:50. Students staying after school must be with their teacher at all times. 

Students are allowed to enter our school through the front doors at 7:35 AM provided they have a note from a teacher. Students are also welcome to work in the Library Media Center (LMC) in the morning starting at 7:35 AM provided they bring a note from a parent. All students are permitted to enter our school the after the entry bell at 7:50 AM. On bad weather days, they are permitted to enter through their grade level doors into the cafeteria or main lobby and must remain in those areas if they wish to stay inside. 

A bus schedule can be found by clicking on the Bus Schedule link in the navigation area at left of this screen. 

A Bus Pass is required if your child is going to ride a bus other than their assigned bus, or get off at a stop different from their assigned stop. Your child will need to bring in a written note from home that has the following information: -The current date -The student's full name -The full name of the child they are going home with (if applicable) -The bus number/stop the student needs to ride -A parent or guardian's signature.  Bus Passes must be obtained BEFORE the start of school. (For the safety of our students, verbal or voicemail messages are not accepted as permission for a Bus Pass.) The notes should be brought to the front desk the first thing in the morning. Students should present the Bus Pass to the bus driver when boarding the bus. 

If you reside within the EMS attendance area, please make an appointment with one of our school counselors at 303-982-5020. The following items are required prior to enrollment: Copy of child's birth certificate, proof of residency, immunization record and last report card. Any other information you can provide about your child that would be helpful for class placement is also welcomed. Please be aware that students cannot enroll and start attending on the same day. If you don't reside the EMS attendance area, you must complete a Choice Enrollment application (round 1 or round 2 as applicable). Call EMS at 303-982-5020 for more information. 

If a student is absent from school, parents/guardians are asked to call the 24 hour attendance line at 303-982-5018 to report the absence before 8:00 am. Please leave a brief message: your name, your student's name, the reason for absence, and the number of days expected to be missed. 

Students who have excused absences will have two days to make up their work for every day absent or alternative arrangements may be made with their team. 

Because of our concern for your child, you must report to the main office with a valid picture ID to sign out your child. Students may bring a note from you to the main office in the morning before 7:55 AM to get a pass so that they can be waiting for you in the office when you arrive to pick them up. 

Electronic items such as cell phones, pagers, I-Pods, mp3 players and hand held games are only allowed in classrooms with teacher approval.  Upon entering our school they should be turned off and stored in the students's locker.  Students carrying these items during school hours without permission can expect to have them confiscated at the teachers discretion and returned to a parent.
Students may carry any electronic reading or connectable device during school hours in order to promote anytime, anywhere learning.  EMS is not responsible for loss, theft or damage. Inappropriate use will result in the loss of this privilege. 

Students may not carry any item that may harm or threaten a student or staff member, is considered a weapon or is in violation of the law. Any item in question will be at the discretion of the EMS staff. 

You may contact the main office. Please remember that due to the large volume of messages for students called in to the office daily, it is important that student messages are limited to emergency situations. Please make after-school arrangements before coming to school in the morning. 

EMS maintains a health clinic to address first aid and unexpected illness. Students who become ill at school may come to the school clinic with a pass from their teacher. Those who come to the clinic during passing period will be asked to get a pass from their next period teacher. Without a pass, students will not be admitted to the clinic. Students will be allowed 10 minutes to rest; if they are not feeling better and have an elevated temperature or visible signs of illness, parents will be contacted to take the student home. Students need to be picked up within a reasonable time frame. 

No student may carry prescription medication or inhalers nor may they carry over the counter medications such as aspirin, cough drops, etc. PLEASE NOTE the school does NOT provide Tylenol. All medicine, prescription or over the counter must be checked into the clinic must have a current expiration date, and must have a Medication Agreement form signed by a parent. Prescription medications must be in an original pharmacy container. Medications need to be picked up by parents before the last day of school. 

Absolutely! For the safety and security of our students and visitors, all visitors must enter through the front doors to sign in at the office. Proper ID is required.  A Visitor ID will be provided.  It must be worn at all times. Parents are encouraged to visit EMS and observe our programs. No students from other schools or former students will be allowed to visit EMS as guests of students or attend EMS social activities. As a professional courtesy to teachers, please contact them one day in advance of your classroom visit so they may speak with you about classroom protocols to limit disruptions. 

EMS follows the attendance policy set forth by Jefferson County Public Schools in accordance with Colorado state law. 

At EMS our belief is that students need to become responsible for their learning. Since classes begin at 7:55 am and end at 2:50 pm, students are expected to be here on time and ready to learn. A bell rings at 7:50 am to inform students that they are to be on their way to their first class. If not in class by 7:55 am, s/he is tardy. If a student arrives at school after 7:55 am, s/he must report to the office to get a pass to be admitted to class. This will be a recorded tardy. Tardies to school are unexcused unless students have a note from a parent. Three tardies per trimester will result in a lunch detention.  Continued/Frequent tardiness to school will result in parent contact and/or disciplinary action. 

Students are expected to be responsible for their own possessions. If a student has misplaced something, first check the classroom where it was last seen. If the teacher does not have it, check the Lost & Found located outside of the cafeteria or in the Main Office. Lost & Found unclaimed items are donated to charity at the end of every month. 

Students who are having academic or personal difficulties have the opportunity to receive assistance from the school counselors or classroom teachers. Students may request help from their team assigned school counselor by filling out a Counselor Request Form in the Main office. Their team counselor will then schedule a time to meet. Parents may also request this assistance for their child by contacting the team counselor. 

Yes! Students have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of after school activities offered by the EMS staff and Evergreen Park & Recreation Department. Check the links to Clubs and Activities on the left side of this page. In addition, the Ram Newsletter has any monthly updates to EMS activities and new opportunities are also announced on our K-RAM school-wide broadcasts. 

Schoology is an interactive educational social network which allows students to access all of their courses in one location, post assignments, access teacher posted documents, blog and share information.

To ensure confidentiality, each parent/guardian will need to verify their personal information and get a password before being able to access the Campus Portal. EMS will use the following process: You must come to the school main office, between 7:30 AM and 3:30 PM, and provide ID. You will receive a 32-character Generated User ID or "Campus Portal Activation Key". 

Contact our main office.  Our secretaries will guide you through the solution.

The decision to close school because of snow is made by the Community Superintendent's Office and will be announced on all major radio and TV stations and the Jefferson County Schools Web Site beginning at approximately 5:30 am. Please do not call staff members for this information. This information can also be found on the School Closures & Alerts link on our Home Page. 

Students are responsible for reviewing and complying with the Jefferson County School Conduct Code, which they received at registration, with their parents. If students or their parents have any questions regarding the rules at EMS, please refer to the Jefferson County Schools Conduct Code or ask a staff member. Click here to download the Jeffco Code of Conduct Student Handbook 

From the Jeffco Code of Conduct Student Handbook: The Board of Education recognizes that responsibility for the dress and appearance of students generally rests with individual students and their parents, and that students may wish to express themselves by the manner of their dress and appearance. Students shall not, however, wear clothing or effect an appearance at school or school-sanctioned activities or events that is or will be disruptive to the educational environment. Students also shall not wear clothing or effect an appearance that compromises the maintenance of a safe and orderly school. The following general standards shall also apply:         
  • Any manner of grooming or apparel, including clothing, jewelry, emblems and/or badges which by virtue of color, arrangement, trademark or other attribute is associated with or denotes membership in or affiliation with any gang, is not allowed. The prohibition on gang-related apparel shall be applied at the discretion of building-level administrators, after consultation with the superintendent or designee, as the need arises at individual schools.
  • To avoid injury and disease, shoes, boots, sandals or other footwear must be worn in school buildings.
  • Reasonable cleanliness of student clothing is required as a matter of general health and welfare. 
 Subject to approval of the superintendent or designee, principals may establish additional specific standards for their schools. Any such standards must be published and distributed to students and their parents, and a copy shall be filed with the superintendent or designee. Disciplinary action for violation of the student dress code shall include notifying the student of the violation and a requirement that the dress or appearance be corrected before the student reenters the classroom, school environment, and/or school-sanctioned activity or event. At the discretion of the building-level administrator, a parental conference may be held. More serious consequences, including suspension or expulsion, may result from repeated or serious violations. 

Please come to the main office to obtain a withdrawal form. This form must be taken to all teachers, library and financial office. All books must be returned and your child's locker must be cleaned out. A refund of fees may be due to you. All records are sent from EMS upon written request from your child's new school. 

27)    Question: Where can I find information on School Supply Lists, Lunches, PTA Membership, and other things not found on this page? 
School Supply Lists, PTA Membership Information and many other items are available on our Parent Information Page and our Registration Page.