8th Grade Summer Reading

8th Grade Summer Reading Requirement

Hello, Soon-to-be-EMS-8th-graders!

We’re looking forward to meeting you and the learning we will do together next year! We have lots to accomplish in 8th grade, and we need to “hit the ground running” so you leave middle school absolutely ready for success in high school and beyond. To ensure that you avoid the “summer slump” and to give us some common ground to begin with next year, it’s important for you to read and think over the summer. Our learning experiences in 8th grade language arts actually begin the first week of June. Please log in to your Jeffco Schoology account and join the 8th Grade Summer Reading COURSE with the access code: TZJJK-NCNQM (it will not work if you try to join a schoology group, it needs to be a schoology course). You can also find a link to the summer reading information and directions on the EMS homepage as well as the EMS Library website’s “8th Grade Summer Reading Requirement” page. In the schoology summer reading course, you will find information, book lists, and summer reading assignments, along with specific requirements for each assignment. These books will provide the basis for our first few reading/writing experiences together and help us build a strong learning community when we regroup in August.

The following list will provide titles of books to read.

 All students read at least TWO books over the summer (one choice book and one
book from the upstander book list).

read and think about the books they read.
For the choice book:
students complete the one required activity - a book hook.

For the upstander book: Complete journal, "words to live by" and the padlet.

Students share their thinking about their books when the school year starts by
turning in evidence of their thoughts, reflections, and/or discussions    
  • There
    will also be in-class activities based on the summer reading books 
    resumes in August.