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OFFICE HOURS: 7:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
24-HOUR ATTENDANCE LINE: 303.982.5041

To excuse an absence:

Parents are required to call the Attendance Line and give all pertinent information.
Absences must be called in to the Attendance Line, before 3pm of the day following the absence, or it will be unexcused, which can affect academic standing. The Attendance Office cannot take notes written by parents to excuse absences; absences can only be excused by calling in to the Attendance Line, by signing students in or out in the Main Office, or by completing a pre-arranged absence form – which is available on this link.

Students leaving for or arriving from an appointment:

For all grade levels - if your student needs to leave during class, please send a note for the student to give to the teacher, so the student can be dismissed from class at the appropriate time. These notes do not excuse the absence for the student; they simply notify the teacher that the student needs to leave the class. Please make these arrangements with your student before they come to school it is often not possible for the receptionist to get information to students from parents about appointments, etc., in a timely fashion.

For 9th and 10th graders and upperclassmen who do not drive – parents are required to come in to the Main Office, and sign the student in when arriving late to school, and also to sign them out, if leaving. From this sign in/out log information, the absence will be excused by the Attendance Secretary.

For 11th and 12th graders who drive – it is preferable if the parent will call to the Attendance Line, before the student is required to leave school, to excuse the absence.

Single period absences - required official notes from appointments:

In an effort to address attendance issues at EHS, and increase the academic success of all of our students, EHS has an attendance policy, that states that a student will not be excused for a single period absence during the middle of the day unless there is an official note from the doctor, dentist, other medical appointments or court, etc., to verify the absence. The only exception to this rule is a single period
absence during the first or last period of the day. An official note from the appointment should be brought in to the Attendance Office, upon the student’s return to school that day, or on the following day, and the absence will be excused by the Attendance

For an extended pre-arranged absence:

A pre-arranged absence form should be filled out and signed by both the parent and
teachers, if a student will miss school for several days. Students will collect their
homework when they get teacher signatures giving approval for the absence. The prearranged absence form should then be turned into the Attendance Office prior to the
absence. A pre-arranged absence form can be printed from this link.

Link to Pre-Arranged Absence Form

Other Attendance Information:

- Students will not be excused from one class to work on assignments for another class. Oversleeping, missing the bus, or going home to get homework or a backpack are not valid reasons for an excused absence or tardy.

- Students will be considered tardy if they arrive before the first half of the class has passed. After that time, they will be counted as absent.

- If a student becomes ill at school, they should report to the Main Office Clinic, and sign in with the nurse.

- If a student is marked absent unexcused, a computerized phone call and email will be sent home in the evening. Parents can immediately check the status of this information on the Parent Portal. To sign up for Parent Portal, parents must come in to the Main Office to get a personal I.D. number.

- EHS recognizes the difficulty in creating a policy that addresses every circumstance. In order to meet our goal, it is imperative that we work together as a community. The administration has developed steps of discipline associated with the number of truancy incidents in order to support the shared responsibility and unique circumstance of every student showing negative attendance trends.