Srta. Café's Spanish experience

Virginia, su hermanito, y yo en Argentina, 2011
¡Saludos! Welcome to the study of Spanish! If you decide to continue studying spanish, then congratulations. It is very rewarding. In my hometown in Montana, I didn't know any native Spanish speakers until I met Virginia. She stayed as an exchange student with my family for about 8 months. I didn't get the chance to visit her until I was in college and had the opportunity to study abroad in Argentina. Here we are with her little brother; and I'm an emerging student of Spanish. The people you will meet and the experiences that you'll have are part of the many reasons learning spanish will be rewarding. 
Thanks to speaking Spanish, I met Victor. He has a lot of talents, like speaking Quetchwa and writing poetry. I met him over five years ago and returned two years ago. Five years ago he walked with his feet inward and delivered tanks of propane on a motorcycle. Since then, he's gotten surgery and his legs face forward. He was still recovering when I saw him, and served by teaching classes to other people with disabilities how to manage. Sarah (middle) is one of my Spanish speaking friends and went on that summer's trip. I hope you get to know people by continuing in Spanish and going abroad!


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