Social Studies

The roots of our nation, Colonial America, the American Revolution, and our government, along with economics are our big ideas. There are a bunch of other Social Studies resources here too.

Colonial America For Kids-  This site is a great resource for all kinds of info on the English colonies.

Historic Jamestown- Discover all kinds of info about the location of the first successful European colony.

Plimoth Plantation- Visit where the pilgrims landed in 1621.

Colonial Williamsburg- All sorts of info on the colonies and the Revolution.

Daily Lives of Colonists- What life was like for the colonists in the 1700's

Timeline of the American Revolution- The major events leading to the Revolution all the way to the end of the war.

People of the American Revolution- Learn about some of the men and women who had important roles during the Revolution.

Battles of the Revolution- Animations and videos provide  info on the major battles of the American Revolution.

LibertyThis is a great PBS site based on the series Liberty. There are excellent resources and activities here. The Road to the Revolution game is a great way to learn about people and events.

Ben's Guide To U.S. Government For Kids- Everything you need to know about our government is here. There are even different reading levels

America's founding Documents- See and read the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights.

Congress For Kids- All about the Federal government.

Economics Terms for Young Ameritowne- This Quizlet activity lets you work with online flashcards.

Colorado Democratic Party- The official link for the state Democratic Party

Colorado Republican Party- The official state Republican Party page

Project Vote Smart- All the information on candidates, elections and offices you will ever need

KidsVoting USA- This site provides information on the KidsVote program

The CIA World Factbook- Tons of facts for every country in the world

Where Is That-This geography game has lots of different levels to challenge kids

Reach The World- Learn about cultures from all over the world from this ocean traveling school

Colorado- The official Colorado information page for kids 

The United Nations- The Cyber School Bus is the official kids site for the U.N. Great information, pictures and activities 

Today in History- The History Channel provides information about all days of the year and the historic events of each day. You can choose any day to examine

National Geographic For Kids- Stories, pictures, games and National Geographic World online 

The Smithsonian Institution- Visit America's greatest museum and treasure house of learning 

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.- A fantastic site, this even includes downloads of some of Dr. King's famous speeches 

My Hero- This site has information on many heroes. This is a great resource

Famous Women- Lots of heroes are listed here with short biographies

The Time 100- Find out about 100 of the most important people of the twentieth century

Presidents of the United States.-Learn about the leaders of our country

Some good sites for sixth graders.

Exploration Through the Ages- This really cool site has lots of information on explorers all through history

Cultures for Kids- Using examples from around the world, learn some elements of culture

Culture Quest- A very fun, challenging, and informative game from the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian

Maya, Inca, Aztec- A very complete look at these three cultures

Native American Cultures- Here is info on some Native American cultures

The First Contacts- There are seven video lessons that give background on the cultures in the Western Hemisphere and European contact. Easy to understand and full of good information

The Western Hemisphere- Information on countries in the Western Hemisphere from the U.S. State Department

Travel to South America- A collection for each country of pictures, videos, maps, articles, and more from National Geographic

Travel to North America- A collection for each country of pictures, videos, maps, articles, and more from National Geographic