Here are resources for all the skills we work on in science. There are also links to other cool science sites.



All About Matter- Chem4Kids is a great resource, well-written, and loaded with information

Properties of Matter- A Study Jam filled with big ideas

The Dynamic Earth- A great resource for all we'll be doing with the surface of the earth

Volcanoes- Photos, videos, facts, and links from Volcano World

Natural Resources- Here are the basics on things provided to us by nature, not by people

Virtual Human Body- A very cool site to learn about your body (in Spanish too)

Human Anatomy Online- See and learn about human body systems

National Weather Service- Everything you would ever want to know about the weather

World Weather- Get info on weather conditions all around the world

Denver Zoo- All about the animals at our zoo

Denver Museum of Nature and Science- Info about the programs and exhibits

The Electronic Zoo- Links to many animal sites

Hawkquest- Learn all about birds of prey 

Bill Nye The Science Guy- See what's up at Nye Labs

Microscopic Stuff- Cool images super magnified

Astronomy for Kids- What's up in the sky

NASA for Kids- A great site on space exploration

Astronomy Picture of the Day- Way cool pictures from space

What is an Atom?- This cool video gives the basics of atoms and molecules

Mass, Volume, Weight, and Density- Here's a nice introduction to these topics

The Volume Song- Watch, listen, and sing this volume lesson

Experiment With Density- Use this tool to find out about floating and sinking
Geo-Mysteries- Play these interactive games to learn about rocks, minerals, and fossils

National Earthquake Information Center- Located in Golden, this site has loads of great stuff for kids

About Rocks- Lots of information from the United States Geological Survey (USGS)

Get Ready to Rock- All kinds of information and activities, created by kids

The Water Science School- Everything you ever wanted to know about water, another USGS resource

Watershed Game- See how your decisions effect our water resources

Conserve Water at Home- Play The Water Family to see how to conserve water

Biosphere Basics- All about living things on the earth

Biomes of the World- Info on major ecosystems around the globe

The Photosynthesis Song!- Every plant can do this, photosynthesis