Without parents, I'd have no kids to teach. Here are some resources for the most challenging job in the world.


The National Parenting Center- This is a clearinghouse for resources and ideas on parenting.

Love and Logic Institute- Wonderful resources for working with kids.

Jefferson County Public Schools- Find out what's going on in Colorado's largest school district.

Colorado State Department of Education- The state standards are here as is information on Colorado schools and districts.

How To Help-Here are 50 ways parents can help schools.

The PTA-This is the site for the Jefferson County PTA.

Family Education- Parenting tips, school and home connections, and lots of good ideas are at this site. 


These Publications are from the U.S. Department of Education. They have lots of hints and ideas.

Helping Your Child Succeed In School

Helping Your Child Through Early Adolescence- Please! 

Helping Your Child Become A Responsible Citizen 

Helping Your Child With Homework 

Helping Your Child Learn Math 

Helping Your Child Learn Science 

Helping Your Child Learn History 

Helping Your Child Write Well 

Helping Your Child Learn Geography 

Helping Your Child With Reading 

Help Your Child Series en Español