Here are resources for all the skills we work on in math. There are also links for all kinds of math practice and activities.

Go Math! Academy-Loads of video tutorials on all the skills we're working on! Your family needs to register to use these

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives- This is a great site, filled with all kinds of activities to practice skills

Video Math Tutorials- Khan Academy videos help review the skills we work on in class

Math Reviews- Here are easy to read reviews of the concepts and skills we are learning in sixth grade

Math Worksheets- Want to practice? Here are printable and online worksheets

Ask Dr. Math- A fabulous place to get math questions answered. There is an elementary math section

Factor Game- Play the game online alone or against another person

Product Game- Play the game online alone or against another person

Divisibility- Learn these rules and you'll be a dividing expert

Math Baseball- Here's a game to practice math computation skills (+,-,x,/)You set the difficulty

Flash Cards- Online flash cards to practice computation. There are lots of options and challenges

Rates, Ratios, and Proportions- This site has links to a lot of activities to practice your skills

Visual Fractions- Great models, examples, and practice tools to help your fraction computation

Dividing Fractions- Use circles to become an expert at dividing fractions

Ice Cream Truck- Challenge yourself in this problem solving game

Absurd Math- This is a really fun and challenging problem solving game that requires lots of skills

The Daily SET Puzzle- Use attributes and thinking skills to complete puzzles

Brain Teasers- Easy, medium, and challenging math puzzles (the easy ones are quite challenging!)

Expressions- Play this weird game to evaluate expressions

Explore Expressions and Equations- Analyze and solve problems and use strategy to win the game

About Inequalities- A nice explanation of the basics

Integers- Learn about positive and negative numbers and their absolute value

Add and Subtract Integers- Play this game to make your teacher walk the plank, aaaaaaargh

Identify Coordinates- Play Homer's Donuts (woo-hoo) to identify points on a coordinate graph

The Coordinate Plane- Track aliens to become an expert on coordinate graphing