This page has links to sites we use all the time.

Google Login- Here is the link to get to your Google Account. Sign in with your number and password

Denver Post Newspapers in Education- Use the information you received in class to login

Poster My Wall- Login as a student with the project name your teacher gave you

Hour of Code- Sign in to work on your coding projects

Edublogs- Click here to sign in to the 2017-2018 Saliman's Class Blog

Grolier- This is a great online research site. You need a username and password. Enter JCPL for both

Glogster- Use the nickname and password you signed up for at school

Digital Passport- Your username is your student number and the password is semper

Think Central- Your user name is your number and the password is semper

Everfi- Go here to work on your Ignition project

Newsela- Click here to sign in to Newsela